Datel Evo Hub For Playstation 4

Datel EvoHub For Playstation 4 Wifi Connect Controller Keyboard & Mouse - Connects directly to your PlayStation 4 console, which then allows you to connect to a combination of almost ANY type of controller, keyboard or mouse!

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Connects directly to your PlayStation 4 console, which then allows you to connect to a combination of almost ANY type of controller, keyboard or mouse!

Now you can use any controller, Keyboard & Mouse on your PS4. Just imagine super smooth control plus lightning fast response on all games including FPS classics. Evo Hub interprets inputs from any connected devices and translates them so they appear as a PS4 controller on your console. No external power is required - Evo Hub is Wifi enabled and 100% updatable. Evo Hub isn't just about control - choose from hundreds of custom game profiles - specifically created, title by title to give you lightning fast, kick-ass moves! Create your own combos and shortcuts with the Evo Sequencer - complex and challenging key combinations are easy to create, then unleash the power with a single button press!

As you know many gamers prefer to use a Keyboard & Mouse combination rather than a controller when playing the big First Person Shooter titles. The problem of course is that the PS4 does not support keyboards or mice in this way, EvoHub allows a gamer to use their favourite non-PS4 controller on their PS4 console. Steering wheels and most other devices are also supported.


All this cross compatibility makes EvoHub a great product for any gamer but the features don’t stop there, most gamers choose high resolution mouse and precision keyboards for their smooth, accurate response. The Evo CCI web app control interface allows the user to fine tune every aspect of the connected controller, keyboard or mouse so all that precision finds its way into the gameplay. The EvoHub is WiFi enabled so every CCI feature is controlled through a slick interface on any smartphone or web enabled device.


There are existing products that offer just a few of these features and cost up up to 3 times more than EvoHub – these also need an original PS4 controller to allow them to work. EvoHub is completely stand alone and does not require an original controller but does allow the gamer to use their PS4 wireless controller with all of the available Evo functions.


Beyond the controller enabling features, EvoHub also boasts powerful game specific cheats and tricks. Custom moves, Combos and much more are available for instant download from the 
Evoworx website via the built in WiFi function. For the serious gamer it is all about control – EvoHub gives the player unmatched performance plus custom content – a winning combination.

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Additional Information
Part No DFU156
Manufacturer Datel
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